jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2014

Reflection N° 5

This week was really intense for me, I had a lot of things to do, homework for college, studied the book, at work, etc. This week we saw unit 9 related to success and hapiness. I studied the contents, but I know I need more time to cover all the content and being always prepared. Almost all the time I came up with new ideas to cover all the contents but I never put it into practice, maybe because I always conserned about doing well at my job and not doing well at college (AN EXCUSE !!!!!). That is one thing I'm worried, my college is the most important priority for me, job is a second factor.

I feel with a lot of pressure right now But I know that is something I can management .This is the moment to prove myself I can do it,and that  I can improve my study. NO MORE EXCUSES !!!!

martes, 9 de septiembre de 2014

Reflection N° 4

This week, we saw the passive. For me this is something very difficult and I know I must study hard for the quiz. It is difficult because I always confused with the tenses. But I wll put all my effort to have a good grade.

domingo, 31 de agosto de 2014

Reflection N° 3

This is my third reflection, We had our first quiz last week, I must said that I studied a lot for that. I studied all the phrasal verbs with their meaning, I was prepared for the test. But I didn't studied a lot  what clauses. So my graded wasn´t the expected, I expected to have a five or at least a four, but it wasn't. So, for the future tests I know I must study more, practice with exercises and participate more in classes. I know I can improve and I will do it. 

sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014

Rfelection N°2

This week was a relaxing one, I did my homework on time, I studied for a few hours before the class, I did not put off my responsabilties and that was a good thing. I started to study for the quiz of the next tuesday, and I am proud of myself, because I remembered almost all the phrasal verbs that appeared in the book, I know their meaning and some synonyms of those words, and that is AMAZING !! I started to read more loudly and speaking in english with my friends. In conclusion, I'm woking hard to achieve my goals and to become in a good student. 

Reflection N°1

It was my first week at the university. This year I have only one class and is english 6. I failed this course last year, so it is my second time. Last year I did not put a lot of effort on this class, I did not study a lot because I was not motivated. But now it is the moment to prove myself  I can do it. On these two classes we saw phrasal verbs, their meaning and some examples, on these classes I realized I remembered some phrasal verbs and that was good. But I need to be critical about myself, I have to recognize that I am motivated on this course, I studied all the weekend  but one of the things is that I need to improve are speaking and writing skills. I'm still afraid to speak more and that is something that I have to change, speaking more is the only way to improve and I know I can do it. 
This is the time to improve all my weaknesses and become in a better student.