domingo, 31 de agosto de 2014

Reflection N° 3

This is my third reflection, We had our first quiz last week, I must said that I studied a lot for that. I studied all the phrasal verbs with their meaning, I was prepared for the test. But I didn't studied a lot  what clauses. So my graded wasn´t the expected, I expected to have a five or at least a four, but it wasn't. So, for the future tests I know I must study more, practice with exercises and participate more in classes. I know I can improve and I will do it. 

sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014

Rfelection N°2

This week was a relaxing one, I did my homework on time, I studied for a few hours before the class, I did not put off my responsabilties and that was a good thing. I started to study for the quiz of the next tuesday, and I am proud of myself, because I remembered almost all the phrasal verbs that appeared in the book, I know their meaning and some synonyms of those words, and that is AMAZING !! I started to read more loudly and speaking in english with my friends. In conclusion, I'm woking hard to achieve my goals and to become in a good student. 

Reflection N°1

It was my first week at the university. This year I have only one class and is english 6. I failed this course last year, so it is my second time. Last year I did not put a lot of effort on this class, I did not study a lot because I was not motivated. But now it is the moment to prove myself  I can do it. On these two classes we saw phrasal verbs, their meaning and some examples, on these classes I realized I remembered some phrasal verbs and that was good. But I need to be critical about myself, I have to recognize that I am motivated on this course, I studied all the weekend  but one of the things is that I need to improve are speaking and writing skills. I'm still afraid to speak more and that is something that I have to change, speaking more is the only way to improve and I know I can do it. 
This is the time to improve all my weaknesses and become in a better student.